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                                                              Land Escapes LLC Warranty


This quote and any drawings presented to the client are the property of Land Escapes LLC and may not be used for any purpose other than those sanctioned by us. They may not be given or shown to others for any purpose. To do so may result in our taking legal remedies to recoup our investment in time and efforts spent.

HOA Approval:

The client must obtain any required homeowner association or architectural committee approval prior to installation of any work contracted for. Note: this is particularly important if we are being asked to remove any trees located deep within your yard or adjacent to the street. We will assume the client has obtained such approvals prior to our arrival to perform the contracted services and we will not be responsible for any repercussions if the approval was not obtained.

Plant Material:

Labor is guaranteed for a period of one year, after one-year standard labor charges will apply. All shrubs and trees installed by Land Escapes LLC are guaranteed for a period of one year, unless they fall into one of the categories listed below: proper care instructions were not followed – i.e. plantings were over or under watered, vandalism or theft, acts of God (i.e. flooding, lighting, snow, or ice damage), improper use of chemicals, and insect, disease or rodent damage

The warranty is voided if plants are removed before we see them. We will replace any plant once during the warranty period

Plants not guaranteed:

Annuals, perennials, sod, seed, bulbs, roses, ground covers and transplants

Construction Craftsmanship and materials:

Construction materials will be guaranteed for the period given by the manufacturer. Craftsmanship and labor will be guaranteed for a period not to exceed three years from date of installation. All guarantees are subject to being voided if they fall into any of the following categories: vandalism, theft, acts of God (examples include flood lightning strike, snow or ice damage, if proper care instructions were not followed, and for any other condition(s) specifically noted in the contract.

Construction conditions:

It is natural for wood to do some checking and cracking; only excessive checking and cracking will be covered.

NOTE: A new patio or walkway and the polymeric sand that is used may be subject to a little settling; excessive settling will be repaired at no charge. Also, Pavers and Wall blocks may exhibit a film called efflorescence. This is caused by the cement within the paver/wall block rising to the surface. This is a temporary condition that weathers away naturally within 6 to 12 months after installation.

Care instructions:

Over and under Watering causes more plants to die than for any other reason. Your plants are well watered when we install them. After installation they will need additional watering every 2 to 3 days unless we have a significant rainfall during that time period. Significant rainfall is between ½ to 1" of rain. In the summer months the extreme heat we receive will require even more watering.

Watering method:

Watering should be done with a hose (not a sprinkler unless you plan to leave the sprinkler operating for several hours at a time). Make sure that the area around the root system is thoroughly saturated. This may take around 1 to 2 minutes per plant or a small (6 or less) group of perennials, and as much as 5 to 6 minutes for larger trees. Watering setting the hose at low pressure should be adequate.


Plants are typically fertilized when planted, however additional fertilization may be needed in the future. Please feel free to ask for our advice on future fertilizing.

Winter protection:

Some evergreen trees and shrubs may need protection from cold Winter winds. Overlapping with a burlap screen or the use of a chemical foliar guard maybe needed. Ask us if we believe any of your plants will require such protection.


A good layer of mulch helps to retain soil moisture around your plantings. Mulch also retards weed growth and protects plantings from Winter's cold temperatures. NOTE: Never pile mulch up against the plant stems or tree trunks themselves.

Contract terms:

Estimates are good for 30 days. Customers will have 3 days after signing to cancel contract with no penalty. After 3 days no deposits will be returned.

Payment terms:

We will accept cash, check, credit cards, electronic checks, and Zelle. Credit cards are subject to a 3.5% processing fee. Please make checks payable to Land Escapes LLC. A deposit of 1/3 is required at time of agreement. Jobs over $30,000 make require another 1/3 upon arrival with crew and material. The final balance is due upon completion.

Penalties for non-compliance with terms:

Any non-compliance with payment terms automatically voids warranty.

An interest rate of 5% on the jobs total will be charged for every 30 days or part thereof after payment is due.

Client will be responsible for any collection fees, lawyer fees and/or court cost.

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